Welcome, TEAM!

February 18, 2023
9:00 am – 1:00 pm CT
648 N Independence Blvd, Romeoville, IL

Thank you for agreeing to share your time, knowledge and value with the Lady Boss Round Table community! I’m so excited to team up with you to pull of something that’s going to be absolutely incredible. Lady Boss Round Table Summit is a is a 4-hour strategy session specifically designed for purpose-driven entrepreneurs who run multiple businesses and brands. In 2023, we are focusing on how to define, strategize, implement and grow in your multi-vision purpose. 

On this page you’ll find all the information you need to make this process easy, exciting and rewarding. If you run into a question I didn’t answer, email me at latoya@lshanellevents.com.

Countdown to the Summit!

The importance of the moderator

  • Establish a friendly atmosphere
  • Introduce participants
  • Run the clock
  • Instigate and steer the conversation
  • Maintain a neutral and engaging environment


Our round table discussions are exciting opportunities for attendees to learn from peers — and moderation plays a significant role in their success. If done correctly, guests are more likely to ease into conversations, stay engaged and share ideas, setting the stage for post-event networking. The goal of a moderator is to deliver a relaxed but professional atmosphere, where experts and enthusiasts alike can make the most of their experience.

During this 1- hour rotating round table discussion, 5-8 women entrepreneurs will move from table to table discussing the designated topic led by a moderator. During the round table discussions, you will introduce yourself and your business, introduce the topic and then ask a thought-provoking question to the group related to your topic. Your goal is to direct the group discussion and create an engaging atmosphere for everyone to participate, while also sharing your experiences and tips.

  1. Introduce yourself: Share your experiences in relation to the topic. Is this something that you are passionate about? Give a brief description of the research that you have done, if any. Tell the audience how you came to join the event and what you hope to achieve by attending.
  2. Introduce the topic: Briefly introduce the topic. Give your audience some quick context as to why it is relevant and how they will benefit from discussing it. Introducing the topic gives guests time to think about what questions they can and should ask once the floor is open.
  3. Lead with a question: One of the best features of an Ortus event is a unique set of engagement questions guests received prior to the discussion. Break the ice with a thought-provoking question. They help lead into the roundtable itself, directing the group discussion and creating an engaging atmosphere for everyone to participate.
  4. Engagement is key to participation – Make it personal: Experienced Ortus moderators suggest two things: break the ice with a thought-provoking question, or prepare a list of anecdotal pieces that are easily relatable to the discussion.
  5. Get everyone to participate: As the moderator, you should be doing the least amount of talking. Give your guests as many chances as possible to speak. Conduct research beforehand on who will be participating to identify how they can connect to the topic and draw unique insights.
  6. Wrap up the roundtable discussionInterject gracefully when you find an opportunity to conclude the discussion. There are many ways to do this, and here are some questions you can pose to get final remarks from the group: What is your main takeaway from this discussion? What will you do differently? What is the number one tip you would like to share to help others. Finally, thank the guests for attending and give them something to look forward to. After every LBRT event, guests are tagged on social media (with permission, of course). The best photos are uploaded and they are highly encouraged to share any and all material. 


1. Promote

The speaker promotional period for this summit is January 22, 2023 – February 17, 2023. Download the event graphics and use the swipe copy to begin promoting the event. I highly recommend you use these materials to make this process easy and efficient. The more you promote, the more exposure you’ll get. 🙂

2. Submit Promo Video

I would like to feature you on our social sites with a 1-minute video of you speaking on what you will cover during your round table discussion. As soon as your video is received, I will put it in que to get advertised.

Submit your promo video by
Wednesday, February 1, 2023.

3. Engage

Join our Facebook Group to further engage with attendee pre and post event. This is a great way to gain more leads! Also, follow us on Instagram and be sure to comment on the event posts letting everyone know how excited you are to share tips to help them with their business.


The joint promotion that happens when we all come together for a single cause of that is a huge benefit to everyone involved.

Leading up to the summit, we’ll have three weeks of promotion.  You’ll be provided with email swipe copy, social media swipe copy, and social media graphics to make it all easy! As a moderator, I ask that you promote however you’re able. I’ve created a suggested posting/sending schedule for you to make  promotion easy to outsource to a VA.

You’ll find the swipe copy and graphics in the Resource Vault. When you share, be sure to let your audience know that they have to select your name during registration for the question “How did you hear about this event?” so you can get in on the 15% commission. They will need to select your name DURING registration. I will not be able to go in and update their referral name once they’ve registered. There will be no exceptions to this.

Promo Schedule

The more times you mention it to your audience, the better. It will mean more eyes on the event and more exposure and commission for you!


Kick-Off Day: 1/24/23

  • Event announced by Lady Boss Round Table

Week #1: 1/22/23 – 1/28/23

  • Send email #1 to your list on 1/24, 1/25 or 1/26

  • Add a banner to your website (with hyperlink to the summit registration page) 

  • Include the event link in your Instagram bio

  • Announce that you’re going to be a moderator and share your moderator photo to social media

  • Share pins on Pinterest

Week #2: 1/29/23 – 2/4/23

  • Send email #2 to your list

  • Re-share pins on Pinterest

  • Remind audience to sign to register for summit

Week #3: 2/5/23 – 2/11/23 

  • Share email #3 to your list on Tuesday night (2/7)

  • Share on social media the morning of your preso

  • Show up to your thread in the Summit Facebook group for the first hour your preso is live to answer questions + interact with attendees (GREAT for extra exposure!)

Week #4: 2/12/23 – 2/18/23 *SUMMIT*

  • Send email #4 to your list the day prior to event (2/17)

  • Re-share pins on Pinterest

  • Share on social media the day before and the morning of the event


Showcase expertise for your specific topic and also promote your business with the goal of also gaining new business. You will receive complimentary marketing via all of our social media sites, newsletter and website via posts and video and get promoted in our post-event newsletter. You can advertise workbooks, 1-on-1 sessions, etc. to attendees and our social audience (keeping all profits). Share your knowledge and grow your audience.

You will also receive free entry to partake in the entire event and a complimentary hot breakfast. 


While summits are great for overall visibility and making new connections, a little extra income never hurts either, right? That’s exactly why I’ve set up an affiliate program where you’ll receive a commission from all sales from traffic you refer to the event. You will receive 15% commission of every attendee. Be sure to promote your custom event registration link. You will receive a final report and payment by March 18, 2023.

To make it as easy as possible for you to generate extra income, the Resource Vault includes things like email swipe copy, social media copy and social share graphics. However, you’re more than welcome to write your own copy and even run your own Facebook ads. 

I am also happy to collaborate to help you promote. For example, I can take over your Instagram stories, come on your podcast, write a guest newsletter, or do a live in your Facebook group to help you get some extra conversions!

Just remember to let your audience know that they have to select your name during registration for the question “How did you hear about this event?” They will need to select your name DURING registration. I will not be able to go in and update their referral name once they’ve registered. There will be no exceptions to this.

As with all affiliate promotions, be sure to disclose that you’re an affiliate when sharing with your audience.

Get more exposure

You can get more exposure from this event by becoming a sponsor. Sponsorship spots are limited. We have the following sponsorship opportunities available:

  • Place product samples in attendee gift bags
  • Donate a gift to raffle during the event
  • Sponsoring the summit investment fee for a women entrepreneur
  • Custom event sponsorships are available

The A to your FAQs

  • What is the target audience of the summit?
  • How much do I have to promote?
  • When is the promo period for the summit?
  • How can I get more exposure?
  • What is the dress attire?
  • How can I connect and network with other summit attendees?
  • Is parking available?
  • Who do I contact if I have more questions?


Founded in 2018, Lady Boss Round Table (LBRT) is a professional network for women entrepreneurs who don’t want to feel alone in their business. We educate, connect and empower passionate entrepreneurs so they can utilize their full potential to grow businesses that change lives and communities. Our signature events are designed to foster impactful conversations, develop powerful connections, spark new business ideas and create transformative collaborations. These inclusive and intimate settings enable an atmosphere of authenticity, encouragement, professional and personal growth. Being surrounded by a community of like-minded women entrepreneurs who truly understand the ups and downs of entrepreneurship is the key to reaching a new level of success. We want you to win, sis!


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