Welcome, PANELIST!

Thank you for agreeing to share your time, knowledge and value with the Lady Boss Round Table community! On this page, you’ll find details on how everything will work and what we’ll cover. I want this experience to be easy, exciting and rewarding for you.

Event Date: May 20, 2021
Event Time: 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm CT
Event Location: Zoom (access information will be emailed closer to the event)

registration Closes in


This is a live panel format. You will be on camera with a group of other panelists and attendees will be live in the chat, able to ask questions.

We’ll start with intros and then you’ll share your mom boss life during the pandemic (see the call outline below). We’ll ask pre-submitted questions  and then go with any questions submitted live. As we get pre-submitted questions leading up to the event, we’ll add them to this page for you to review.

Keep in mind that we’d like this to be a discussion. Bounce off of each other’s thoughts and ideas. We’d rather not have to call on people to talk, but if it gets tough to decide who is going to talk next or someone isn’t getting a chance to chime in, we will.

When you don’t have something to add at any given time, please mute your microphone. That will be my key to call on you or not. If you’re unmuted, I’ll ask for your take, if you’re muted I’ll move on.

7:00 PM – Welcome & Announcements

7:30 PM – Topic Intro & Panelists Intros
We all love giving awkward intros, right? Take about 60 seconds to let everyone know who you are and what you’re all about. 

7:40 PM –  Share Your Journey
Take about 3 minutes to share how things have been for you since the pandemic has started. How have you managed balancing #mombosslife? What challenges have you faced? What has worked for you?

8:00 PM – Pre-Submitted Questions
Latoya will read any questions that were pre-submitted

8:10 PM – Live questions
We’ll take live questions from the audience

8:25 PM – Wrap-Up
Take about 60 seconds or less to share where people can connect with you and mention your special offer.

8:30  PM – Round Table Discussions
Breakout into small groups to share ideas and strategies. Participating in this is optional for you. Feel free to leave once the panel discussion has concluded or stay to participate in the round table discussions.



1. Promote

Download the event graphics, get your registration referral link and use the swipe copy to begin promoting the event. I highly recommend you use these materials to make this process easy and efficient. The more you promote, the more exposure you’ll get. 🙂

Begin promoting your participation in the event ASAP.

2. Submit Promo Video

I would like to feature you on our social sites with a 1-minute video of you speaking on what you will cover during your session. As soon as your video is received, I will put it in que to get advertised.

Submit your promo video by May 15, 2021.


3. Submit Special Offer Questionnaire

Submit the details of your special offer so that it can be shared to all attendees post event.


Submit questionnaire by May 18, 2021.


4. Engage

Join our Facebook Group to further engage with attendee pre and post event. This is a great way to gain more leads! Also, follow us on Instagram and be sure to comment on the event posts letting everyone know how excited you are to share tips to make their mom boss life easier.

You will receive 50% commission of every attendee. Be sure to promote your custom event registration link. You will receive a final report and payment by 6/4/21. 

Affiliate Commission

Promo Schedule

More sign ups = more exposure and commission for you!
The more times you mention it to your audience, the better. It will mean more eyes on the event and more exposure and commission for you!


Kick-Off Day: 5/6/21

  • Event announced by Lady Boss Round Table

Week #1: 5/9/21 – 5/15/21

  • Add a banner to your website (with hyperlink to the summit registration page) 

  • Include the event link in your Instagram bio

  • Send email #1 to your list on 5/12 or 5/13

  • Announce that you’re going to be a panelist and share your speaker photo to social media

  • Share pins on Pinterest

Week #2: 5/16/21 – 5/20/21 *EVENT*

  • Send email #2 to your list the day prior to event (5/19)

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  • Share on social media the morning of the event


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Founded in 2018, Lady Boss Round Table (LBRT) is a professional network for women entrepreneurs who don’t want to feel alone in their business. We educate, connect and empower passionate entrepreneurs so they can utilize their full potential to grow businesses that change lives and communities. Our signature events are designed to foster impactful conversations, develop powerful connections, spark new business ideas and create transformative collaborations. These inclusive and intimate settings enable an atmosphere of authenticity, encouragement, professional and personal growth. Being surrounded by a community of like-minded women entrepreneurs who truly understand the ups and downs of entrepreneurship is the key to reaching a new level of success. We want you to win, sis!


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