Wednesday, May 29th, 2024
7:00 pm CT / 8:00 pm ET / 5:00 pm PT
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Mom life can be stressful. Mompreneur life, though? Don’t get me started! Navigating the dual roles of motherhood and entrepreneurship means playing on two of life’s most demanding fields. #MomBossLife Unplugged is your invitation to join a candid discussion about the gritty realities of managing business and family life.

As a businesswoman and mom myself, I understand the perpetual balancing act of nurturing your business and your children. 🤹🏽‍♀️ In this new world that seems busier than ever, it’s even more crucial not just to survive, but to thrive! It’s OK to take a step back and put YOURSELF first when needed, WITHOUT the #MOMGUILT!

We’ve put together a panel of amazing women who will discuss how to be successful at motherhood and business without running yourself into the ground.

At this virtual event, you will:

🤹🏽‍♀️Hear Candid Stories: Listen to mompreneurs who are in the trenches daily, sharing their genuine challenges and unexpected victories

🤹🏽‍♀️Exchange Resources: Learn effective time management techniques and how to build a strong support network that helps balance the demands of motherhood and entrepreneurship

🤹🏽‍♀️Prioritize Your Energy: Understand how to distinguish between urgent and important tasks, helping you to allocate your energy where it’s most impactful

🤹🏽‍♀️Network with Fellow Mom Bosses: Connect with a community of women who face similar challenges and are eager to share solutions and strategies during the round table discussions

🤹🏽‍♀️Embrace Flexibility and Self-Care: Discover how flexibility and personalized self-care practices can help you remain energized and focused, fostering a healthy work-life integration

🤹🏽‍♀️Get an Empowerment Boost: Leave equipped with actionable advice and the reassurance that you’re not alone in this journey



Avinay Edwards
Avi Luxe Events & Designs

Chicago, IL | aviluxedesigns.com

Children Ages: 2, 4, 15, 17
Avinay Edwards is not only a dedicated wife, full-time mother of three and a seasoned experiential event professional committed to excellence, efficiency, and innovation but also the owner of Avi Luxe Events & Designs. With a passion for creating signature event experiences, Avi Luxe Events & Designs is Avinay's venture that specializes in modern, minimalistic, and luxe design aesthetics.

In addition to her professional and entrepreneurial endeavors, Avinay is deeply passionate about family and motherhood; seamlessly integrating her commitment to work-life balance, demonstrating that success in both career and family life is not just achievable but enriching.

Balancing her role as the Creative Experience Director for New Life Covenant Southeast, a Mega Church on the Southside of Chicago with a membership of over 20,000; Avinay leads with innovation. In this role, she oversees and implements creative experiences for over two dozen annual special events and services. Avinay's reputation as a blossoming experiential event designer and planner is built on her unwavering commitment to exceeding demands, pushing the envelope, and curating memorable experiences. Her collaborative spirit shines through as she forges valuable partnerships with premier vendors and venues globally. Avinay Edwards stands as a beacon of creativity and excellence in the dynamic world of experiential events, all while owning and pursuing the success of Avi Luxe Events & Designs.

Kristin Andrews
Kreative Blends Calligraphy Studio

Naperville, IL | kreativeblendsstudio.com

Children Ages: 13, 18, 20
Kristin Andrews is a luxury calligrapher and engraver based in Chicago, IL. She creates luxury, elevated experiences for brands and special events through custom calligraphy and engraving.

Kristin has been a calligraphy artist for over 8 years and discovered her love for calligraphy after stumbling across this creative outlet on Instagram. It started off as a hobby and from there, she was obsessed with this technique - shortly birthing it into a business on Oct 9, 2020. She has worked with luxury brands such as Nordstrom, Swarovski, and Tory Burch, by enhancing their events and client experiences.

Kristin has a B.S. in Computer Management from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville and a M.S. degree in Digital Marketing from Full Sail University.

She lives in the Southwest suburbs of Chicago with her husband of 8 years and 3 children.

Chyrel Banias
Rae Lou Creative LLC

Chicago, IL | raeloucreative.com

Children Ages: 5 and one on the way!
Chyrel Banias is an accomplished event designer and planner with over eight years of experience in the industry. She has successfully managed her own studio event venues and conducted a variety of engaging workshops. Currently, Chyrel is embracing the challenges and joys of motherhood while considering a full-time return to her business. She is actively exploring new opportunities to expand her services and continue providing exceptional event experiences.

Michelle Thames
Thames Media Solutions

Richton Park, IL | michellethames.com

Child Age: 9
Michelle Thames is a marketing trailblazer, an acclaimed podcaster, and a trusted monetization strategist. With a passion for empowering women entrepreneurs, she has established herself as a dominant voice in digital marketing.

Known for her innovative and effective marketing strategies, Michelle has been instrumental in driving the growth of startups into household names. By leveraging organic digital marketing strategies, she can transform businesses from obscurity to mainstream prominence.

Besides her marketing work, Michelle is the creator and host of the highly-rated global podcast Social Media Decoded. Here, she breaks down complex social media strategies into comprehensible narratives, equipping businesses with the tools to thrive in the digital world.

Michelle is also the founder of Magnetic Marketing Mastery Mentorship. This mentorship program equips ambitious women entrepreneurs with the know-how to increase their visibility, attract the right clientele, and monetize their skills using organic marketing. Michelle brings a powerful blend of knowledge, strategy, and supportive mentorship to her work. Her mission is to guide you past roadblocks and help gain clarity on your journey to business success.

Teri Young
AubrJai. Beauty & Wellness

DALLAS, TX | aubrijai.co

Child Age: 12
In a world where women juggle countless roles and responsibilities, Aubri and Teri, the mother-daughter duo behind Aubri Jai, understand the importance of celebrating every layer of womanhood. Their beauty and wellness brand is more than just skincare products; it's a testament to the multifaceted nature of women and the power of self-care in achieving holistic wellness. Through Aubri Jai, they aim to empower women to prioritize their well-being amidst the chaos of everyday life, encouraging them to break free from limitations and embrace their uniqueness.

Aubri and Teri's journey began with a realization of their own struggles with balance and self-care. As they navigated the complexities of motherhood, entrepreneurship, and personal growth, they discovered the transformative power of prioritizing wellness. Their brand reflects this journey, offering products and resources designed to help women cultivate a deeper connection with themselves and nurture their overall well-being.

Driven by a passion for empowering women, Aubri and Teri are committed to creating a community where women feel seen, heard, and supported. Their dedication to promoting self-love and self-acceptance has garnered recognition from press and customers alike, earning Aubri Jai accolades for its innovative approach to beauty and wellness.

Through Aubri Jai, Aubri and Teri invite women to embark on a journey of self-discovery and self-care, celebrating every aspect of their being and embracing the limitless possibilities of holistic wellness. As they continue to inspire women around the world, Aubri and Teri remain grateful for the opportunity to be part of each woman's journey toward self-love and empowerment.



Chicago, IL | lBRT.ORG

Children Ages: 1 + 5
Latoya Shanell, an award-winning, certified event and marketing strategist with expertise in large-scale, multi-million dollar corporate meetings and events management, as well as strategic marketing across diverse industries. Juggling the roles of a wife and mother, she's successfully navigated the leadership of multiple businesses, including L’ Shanell + Co., a full-service event management and marketing agency, an e-commerce lifestyle apparel brand, Culture Boss, and three Etsy businesses. Additionally, she founded Lady Boss Round Table, a professional organization focused on empowering women entrepreneurs. Her passion for professional networking led to the creation of brands like I Am Chicago Fashion and Event Pros Unplugged, each designed to foster connections and growth within the fashion and events communities. Her diverse background extends to a career in professional modeling, with features in magazines and experiences in runway, print and television.

Her journey goes beyond professional achievements; it's deeply rooted in fostering a thriving community of entrepreneurs. Driven by a passion for creativity and a commitment to excellence, her ability to bring people together through events and networking has been impactful. She's helped hundreds of business owners forge client relationships, pivot their businesses profitably, gain clarity on their services and form life-changing partnerships. It’s a privilege for her to serve as an instrument of growth, connection, empowerment and change in the lives of others. Understanding the loneliness that can accompany business ownership, she's passionate about building networks that offer genuine support, empowerment and avenues for success for small business owners.

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8:30 PM      ROUND TABLE DISCUSSIONS: Breakout into small groups to share ideas and strategies.


I walked away feeling so encouraged and supported after attending Lady Boss Round Table. As a new entrepreneur, the information I received was so beneficial and vital to my journey.


I’ve attended two summits and they were both a great learning experience. I left with ideas on how to better market, network and set goals. In addition, I was inspired by and so proud of the other 20+ women pursuing their passions/dreams as well.


Lady Boss Round Table was an invaluable experience! I learned so much from Latoya and the other lady bosses. Among many things, I learned about countless tools for organizing tasks and automating social media posts. It was a very supportive, encouraging and down-to-earth atmosphere!


By attending Lady Boss Round Table, I was able to learn successful skills to further my business. Being able to work out similar situations with other Lady Bosses is the best. This workshop is essential for your entrepreneurial growth.



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Your curiosity, notebook and pen.

Yes! You just might find your next client. But, don’t be too salesy as that’s not what this is about.

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