First and foremost, I am a mom. My daughter Breahn is 21 and my son Bryce is 18. I also have a son named Matt who just turned 30. I was a teenager when I had Matt and made an adoption plan with an amazing family in Fargo. We have since reconnected, and even though Matt is a teacher all the way in Thailand, we have been able to have some great conversations over Facetime. I also have two pups, Leo and Allie. They have my heart. My husband, Steve, and I take the dogs out to the park for a walk every morning, rain or shine. I’ve found this daily ritual sets my day off on a good foot.

Through life’s journey, I am finding that my purpose is truly to support people in reconnecting with themselves. Life’s responsibilities and stressors have a way of disconnecting us from who we are. When this happens, anxiety, stress and physical symptoms develop. As the director of Fit Elements Women’s Fitness Club, a hypnotherapist, Master Reiki teacher and Core Passion Facilitator, I provide support for an individual’s physical health in addition to their mental and spiritual health.

Facilitating workshops on meditation, mindfulness practices and spiritual development light me up! I also enjoy facilitating corporate meditations in business settings to encourage increased focus and attention. Oftentimes, this is an individual’s first experience with meditation and it’s fulfilling to see a person experience that sense of inner calm and peace for the first time. I utilize coaching techniques, hypnosis and mindfulness practices to remove habits that keep people from reaching their full potential. My experience includes personal, group, and corporate meditations in the areas of personal and spiritual development.

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