Wednesday, October 25th, 2023
6:00 pm CT / 7:00 pm ET / 4:00 pm PT
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Gear up for a prosperous holiday season with our exclusive Lady Boss Round Table: “How to Prep Your Business for the Holiday Season.” Tune in for an immersive online experience where we’ll guide you through essential strategies to ensure your business thrives during the festive rush. From optimizing your product offerings and creating engaging holiday promotions to managing inventory efficiently, this event covers it all. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting, discover actionable tips to elevate your brand and maximize your success during the most wonderful time of the year. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to set the stage for a joyful and profitable holiday season for your business!

During our strategy session, five marketing strategists will share actionable marketing steps that serviced-based, product-based and Etsy businesses can use for the upcoming holiday season including Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, Christmas and New Year’s Eve/Day.

We’ll discuss:
See each speaker’s description below for specific topics

  • Creative ways to utilize online tools to reach your target customer and drive them to your website
  • How to create a successful holiday campaign
  • How to make sure your holiday deals convert into sales
  • How to adjust your social media posts for the holiday season

You will receive:

  • Specific promotions and proven strategies to implement in a successful Holiday campaign
  • A replay video of the marketing sessions
  • A list (via the notes you take) of online tools and resources to assist in driving traffic to your website and help increase holiday sales
  • Complimentary advertising during the business intros
  • Additional strategies and insight during the round table discussions
  • Complimentary holiday strategy checklist
  • Access to post-event 1-on1 coaching sessions with the marketing strategists
  • Access to holiday marketing guides for purchase



Founder: SaRatta Speaks | Instagram
Suffolk, VA

Hey lady! I am an eCommerce business owner who has grown a multi-six-figure product business over the past 11 years. I have taken my first-hand knowledge and packaged it for consumption by other product small business owners to teach them how to create profit in their eCommerce business. I consider myself a marketing strategist who uses proven techniques to grow product-based businesses.

I'm a wife, dog mom, empowerment speaker, and entrepreneur. I'm originally from Texas but currently reside in Suffolk, VA with my husband, Yusef, and my fur baby, Prada. I'm deeply passionate about inspiring women, and I've channeled that passion into two women-focused small businesses: SaRatta Speaks and expressions bracelets.

expressions bracelets (eb) is an online, hand-crafted jewelry and accessories company that specializes in helping you tell your unique story. My products have been featured in numerous blogs, magazine articles, podcasts, and television interviews. You can find them on my main website, Shop Essence, Amazon Handmade, Etsy, and in over 150 retailers across the country.

My speaking company, SaRatta Speaks, serves as an online resource for women who are building small businesses. I share real-life experiences, tested strategies, and tactics to help other women pursue their entrepreneurial dreams by teaching them how to THINK, PLAN, OWN, and ACT like a CEO in both their business and personal lives.

My life is a balancing act—managing the daily operations of two small businesses, designing new products, and traveling across the country as a motivational speaker and business workshop facilitator for various corporate clients. To keep me inspired and motivated, I turn to faith and daily devotionals. I'm an enthusiast of life with contagious zest, engaging in hobbies such as blogging, spoken word, mural hunting, and traveling. I fearlessly walk in my purpose and remain grateful for the lessons that each new day brings.

During this eCommerce Business Marketing Session, SaRatta will cover:

  • How to choose the products you offer this holiday season to streamline your marketing efforts
  • How to update your website for the holidays to increase conversions
  • How to create offers for the upcoming major holiday shopping days
  • Ways to generate an increase in revenue AFTER the holiday season

Special Offers:

  • All attendees can download SaRatta's FREE checklist
  • Limited offer of 50% off the Holiday Prep Course


CEO: L' Shanell + Co., A Division of L' Shanell Enterprises, LLC
Lady Boss Round Table | Culture Boss
Etsy Shops:
Educated Culture Boss | Culture Boss | L' Shanell Party Boutique
@ladybossroundtable | @lshanell | @shopcultureboss

Chicago, IL

Hey lady! I am a lady boss who juggles being a wife and newborn and toddler mommy with owning three small businesses and managing multiple brands. In 2008, I started L' Shanell + Co, which is a full-service event management and marketing agency specializing in event planning, marketing strategy, consulting and corporate gifting nationwide for corporations and small businesses. I also produce fashion productions and host networking and educational events for entrepreneurs.

I’m a certified meeting professional with 18+ years of experience in corporate meetings and events, marketing and project management across a variety of industries. I've planned and managed hundreds of national and international corporate events and meetings including executive strategy meetings, client events, industry trade shows, sporting events, sales meetings, conferences and brand events.

I'm the founder of Lady Boss Round Table, which is a professional network for women entrepreneurs who don’t want to feel alone in their business. We educate, connect and empower passionate entrepreneurs so they can utilize their full potential to grow businesses that change lives and communities. Our signature events are designed to foster impactful conversations, develop powerful connections, spark new business ideas and create transformative collaborations.

I started my Etsy shop, L' Shanell Party Boutique, in 2013 as a hobby selling shirts, seating charts and baked goods. When I added custom confetti poppers in 2016, my shop became a micro business until I took a break in 2018. In March 2020 I had about 200 sales. In June, I decided to introduce digital products, which has taken my businesses to the next level. I quadrupled my revenue in 6 months! After "cracking the code," I now have over 5100 sales with a 5,000% YOY revenue increase. In 2021, I started another Etsy shop, Culture Boss, which is a lifestyle apparel brand for leaders who stand up for the people and for the culture. I created a sister brand, Educated Culture Boss, and both brands have been so successful that I recently created a Shopify store.

During this Etsy Business Marketing Session, Latoya will cover:

  • Crafting Irresistible Holiday Listings: Learn how to create product listings that stand out during holiday searches.
  • Optimizing for Seasonal Searches: Dive into effective SEO techniques to enhance your shop's visibility.
  • Strategic Promotions: Discover how to implement compelling promotions that attract holiday shoppers.
  • Eye-Catching Visuals: Uncover the power of captivating visuals, including product images and shop banners, to create a visually appealing holiday storefront.
  • Leveraging Social Media for Festive Marketing: Explore ways to leverage social media platforms to market your Etsy shop effectively during the holiday season.
  • Managing Shipping: Get tips on handling shipping logistics to ensure a smooth and timely holiday shopping experience for your customers.
  • Customer Engagement Strategies: Learn how to engage with customers during the holidays, from providing excellent customer service to implementing personalized touches.

Special Offer

  • $50 off Latoya's 1:1 Etsy Shop Audit & Coaching Session


Founder: The Network | Instagram | Facebook

Mobile, AL

Hey lady! As a pioneering business strategist and consultant, I've dedicated my career to the empowerment and advancement of diverse communities within the financial and mental health sectors. My journey is anchored in a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities that lie at the intersection of business development, mental health, and accounting. Holding a Master's Degree in guidance education from Alcorn State University and being an associate licensed counselor in Alabama, I've consistently leveraged my expertise to drive transformative changes in the organizations and clients I've worked with.

Recently, my dedication to excellence was recognized with my appointment as the Western Regional Director of the Association of Black Tax Professionals. This role, combined with my experience founding Honey Consulting — a firm that assessed operations for over 100 clients in its first year — positions me uniquely in the realm of strategic consultation. My approach is not merely about understanding numbers; it's about recognizing the narratives behind them, crafting strategies that lead to sustainable growth and ensuring businesses reach their fullest potential.

Having developed platforms like 'The Network' at On-Site Taxes & Financial Solutions, LLC, which focuses on training the next generation of tax professionals, I understand the nuances of nurturing talent and aligning them with broader organizational goals. This holistic approach, where strategy meets mentorship, underscores my unique value proposition as a business strategist and consultant.

During this Service Business Marketing Session, Oyindamola will cover:

  • Proven tips for networking and getting the word out about your holiday offers
  • Proven tips for segmenting your audience through social media insights

Special Offer

  • All attendees will receive a free 30-minute consultation with Oyindamola


Founder: OLashay Strategic Marketing Solutions | Instagram | Facebook

Chicago, IL

Hey lady! I proudly serve as the President of OLashay Strategic Marketing Solutions. Our motto is simple but powerful: "Think of us as the marketing department for your small business." At OLashay, we are dedicated to connecting small businesses with the vital marketing resources they need to thrive.

My journey in the vibrant city of Chicago began back in 2006, with dreams of becoming a renowned blues singer and songwriter. Fate, however, had a different plan in store for me. It was here that I discovered my true calling, which earned me the moniker "The Connector." I transitioned from booking events for artists to orchestrating networking events for influential CEOs. My expertise expanded to encompass graphic design, social media management, marketing consultancy, and event photography.

My life story is a testament to my commitment to embracing change, cultivating meaningful connections, and unlocking creative potential. It exemplifies my unwavering dedication to self-discovery and the empowerment of others.

During this Social Media Marketing Session, OnJaLee will cover:

  • Why you should use Google My Business
  • How to maximize your social media before the sales hit!
  • Tips for getting your business ready on the back end before the traffic increase

Special Offer:

  • All attendees will receive a copy of OnJaLee's "How to Successfully Market Your Business for Black Friday & Small Business Saturday & Cyber Monday” Guidebook & Checklist


Founder: Crafty Hands Club | Instagram | Facebook

Chicago, IL

Hey lady! I'm passionate about helping creative business owners Work Their Words the WRITE Way. I provide coaching and content writing services to artisan and craft business owners who are ready to tell their unique stories, connect with a broader audience, or simply grow their businesses.

My love for crafts and writing ignited at an early age, and now, through my business, Crafty Hands Club, I blend these two passions to assist others. My mission is clear: I aim to empower creative entrepreneurs to step out from behind their products and services, positioning their businesses for the respect they deserve.

To date, my online magazine has shared the inspiring stories of over 200 crafters from all walks of life who have triumphed over business and life challenges. In addition to being a writer and coach, I'm also a speaker and the host of "Thursday Night Live," a weekly video training session covering all aspects of content writing and storytelling.

Beyond the realm of business and creativity, I find joy in traveling, theater, reading, and the pursuit of knowledge. I reside in Chicago with my husband and our two-year-old son.

During this Service Business Marketing Session, Carriece will cover:

  • 3 email sequences you need to have in place
  • Things to look for when auditing your website
  • What your website homepage should include
  • Ways to touch-up your service/product descriptions
  • Qualifying your target audience through lead magnets and placements

Special Offer:

  • Each attendee will receive a free checklist of topics covered during the session

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Strategy Session: “How To Prep Your Business for the Holidays”

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An opportunity to get your specific holiday strategy questions answered by our experienced marketing strategists.

Lady Boss Intros
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Round Table Discussions
Breakout into small groups to share ideas and strategies.

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I walked away feeling so encouraged and supported after attending Lady Boss Round Table. As a new entrepreneur, the information I received was so beneficial and vital to my journey.


I’ve attended two summits and they were both a great learning experience. I left with ideas on how to better market, network and set goals. In addition, I was inspired by and so proud of the other 20+ women pursuing their passions/dreams as well.


Lady Boss Round Table was an invaluable experience! I learned so much from Latoya and the other lady bosses. Among many things, I learned about countless tools for organizing tasks and automating social media posts. It was a very supportive, encouraging and down-to-earth atmosphere!


By attending Lady Boss Round Table, I was able to learn successful skills to further my business. Being able to work out similar situations with other Lady Bosses is the best. This workshop is essential for your entrepreneurial growth.



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